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What We DO

We orchestrate our diverse industry experience and transparent structured approach for the maximum benefit of our Clients.     


Our Offerings

Digital Transformation Consulting 

Enterprises are rapidly adopting latest technology advancements to meet  market trends and stay ahead of changing consumer preferences." 


With our diverse industry experience Infotyche engage with businesses to provide a logical and organised approach to effectively utilise technology to maximize business efficiency. Our strategic consulting is revenue driven and helps in streamlining your operational process. 

Product Strategy 

A successful product relies on several elements working in harmony.When all these things fall in place:Market and customer identification, value proposition and positioning, sales & marketing strategy, smooth Onboarding and implementation, customer support and being proactive to the changing customer preferences it leads to a profitable product. 


Infotyche partner's in your product journey to improve product, enhance customer experience, enter new market and increase revenue. 

Key Industries

Retail _edited.jpg
Retail/ Ecommerce

Retail has been ever-changing space since its inception. Disruption in the retail space is all-pervasive.The latest trend has been going phygital ( a combination of digital and classic retail).  For a retailer or a brand to be successful, it would highly depend upon adoption of disruptive technologies - both offline and online.


We help retailers and brands to adopt to modern products and consult to incorporate latest technology to transform and scale their existing ecosystem to handle multiple customer touch points.  

Smart City
Smart City 

For building the cities of the future digital technology will play a pivotal role. IOT sensors and video cameras will act as a source of collecting the data. The analysis of the data leveraging the next-gen technologies will provide constant feedback to the city operators and the citizens to make informed decisions. 


About Us

We understand your business goals and deliver according to your business values. ​We are passionate about transparency, trust and outstanding customer care in the pursuit of getting your business needs addressed. 


Key Skills

Technology Consulting

From our diverse industry experience we  consult to leverage technology to improve business value and at the same time ensure it smoothly integrate with workforce and business processes. 

Analysis & Strategy

We engage with business to strategies to  overcome the roadblocks for the business growth in the new markets by keeping in mind where the business wants to be in the future.  


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